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We are ourselves part of the craft industry and therefore respect any craftsman, who performs properly and responsibly. Lately, we have more and more customers approaching us with their construction sites started by other companies. They hope that we take over these orders. We do not appreciate these construction sites, because we can only give guarantees for our own services. Nevertheless, we can not refuse these requests.

For example, one owner recently told us during a visit to her old apartment, that felt victimized and asked for our help. We are truly sorry for these customers. In cases like this, just like in many such examples, the orders were taken over by unreliable craftsmen. But after a short time it turned out that they can not fulfill the promises they made.

Construction supervisors are in the best position to recognize in advance unreliable amateur appointed to a job, which can not complete the renovation in a cleanly and satisfying manner. This is especially common when a property is to be re-let, after the purchase and renovation with little money invested in the renovation. During the construction project, however, it usually shows that a careful renovation of a property is important to avoid future problems.

The construction industry and the craft has evolved significantly over the recent years. Due to open borders and the influx of many unqualified, all-round craftsmen from abroad, prices were pushed down and thus quality was degraded. This trend is also becoming more and more common among German craftsmen. As such, good quality customer service is no longer a priority.

In our professional life, we have encountered many craftspeople, that would shy away from contact with the client and literally would hide away. In one case, a craftsman from another company surprised the owner and verbally abused neighbors in the stairwell. Due to the current construction boom, many craftsmen appear to have the impression that customers depend on them and that customer service is no longer important. We distance ourselves from such unreliable craftsmen.

For many years we have seen these changes in the craft and aspire to counter this development with our own work. We aim to provide good customer service and follow the principle, of being there for the customers, to deliver good quality and to take care of the customers. These principles should be followed any true artisan.

Here are some additional tips for selecting craftsmen for your construction project.

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