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A craftsman is not the site manager, who controls and later approves the renovation
In these times, finding a reliable, responsible site manager to coordinate the work of the craftsmen and keep everything together proves difficult. Why is this? There is plenty of construction work, but the competition is strong, so it is harder for individual craftsmen to survive. Wages remain low and unreliable businesses do not pay their craftsmen. This is how many craftsmen join forces to form teams to win the trust of customers. But who is the site manager?
This is often decided spontaneously, often it is the oldest craftsman who may also own a car. However, he remains a craftsman, who acts on the side of the other craftsmen and possibly loses sight of the customer’s interests. Craftsmen are simply knitted and follow the motto: Give me money, tell me what to do, and I’ll fix it. Many craftsmen are not interested in the customer’s specific wishes or whether any expertise is needed. Often, money is the only motivation, and not customer wishes. This can make the job more complex and time expensive.

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