How to monitor a contractor, Part 1


If you haven’t done any repairs or renovated the house yourself, be prepared to fork out. For additional work that was not available, for building materials that were not used, and for workers who do not take up duties.

With such significant financial costs as repairs in an apartment or house, you should understand what a lot of money is spent on. Therefore, you cannot do without control over the work of the contractor, so that you yourself personally know what to do and how to control an employee or a company.


What to look at when choosing a contractor?

You need to pay attention to a number of factors: 

• availability of documents and Freistellungsbescheinigung. These must be permits for this type of activity and for all types of proposed work, the validity period of individual documents. And also Freistellungsbescheinigung.

 • the competence of employees. In the process of communication, you should unobtrusively ask ordinary employees about the work experience in this organization and the availability of specialized education.

• see their photo reports on the repairs carried out.


How to behave before, during and after renovation of an apartment (house).


 Regardless of the characteristics and recommendations of the contractor, you will need to control the progress of the repair and construction work personally.If there are no preliminary planned works and purchases of finishing materials, then the advance payment should not be paid to the builders, all payments for the work should be only after the completion of the stage of work and its acceptance by you.

Before the start of repair work, that is, before the workers appear in the apartment, do the following: ·         take out all valuables from the apartment premises,

·         photograph the apartment from the inside and, if possible, outside (communications, window and door openings, ceilings, walls and floors) by making as many photos as possible in good resolution. You should not follow the lead of builders who claim that they know better than yours what the repairs in the apartment should be – this is your property, the craftsmen make repairs in it for your money, so you should not be worried about their position on the design of the apartment.Each purchase of building materials and their use should be monitored personally or through a proxy.

Purchase building materials required only for the current stage of work. You should not purchase finishing materials and store them in a repaired apartment, since some of them will inevitably be damaged.Be sure to visit the apartment being repaired at every stage of the work in order to accept them by signing an interim acceptance certificate.Each stage of the repair work must end with cleaning and removal of construction waste.


TOP 10 points how to control a contractor

Let’s dwell on 10 main points of what needs to be done to control the contractor 

1.      Check who works

2.      Identify in advance an unscrupulous and dishonest contractor,Such a “specialist” has several characteristics:• requires a deposit;• does not want to sign documents. 

3.checksThe landlord should ALWAYS ask for checks, even for nails.

4. Clearly outline the end resultPrecise control and a well-defined end result are your best assistants. Here you need to add the ability to draw up directions clearly. 

5. Check the conformity of materialsDo not forget to constantly check the list of materials planned for purchase. “Discrepancies” with the list are unacceptable. Therefore, schedule yourself regular checks, 1-2 times a week.

6. Keep a log of violations 

7. Make payment solely upon completion of work 

8. Save lists of additional work, as well as estimates 

9. Inquire about the cost of work from other masters 

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 TOP 10 points how to control a contractor


































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